$5.00 Bracelet

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Welcome to Paparazzi by Jen! I am an independent consultant for Paparazzi -- the cute, trendy, fashionable jewelry and accessories company where everything is only $5 a piece! We’ve got a formula for fabulous: Fashion. Fun. Five bucks. Come see what the Paparazzi party is all about.
If you love fun fashion, try your hand at a Paparazzi party. It’s easy and affordable – simply invite people over to experience trendy accessories that sell themselves. You determine the who, where, and when. You set up the product and a party atmosphere. Best of all, when you become a consultant, you keep the 45% commission -- immediately!
There’s no pressure.
No gimmicks. No party games or sales presentations. Becoming a Paparazzi Consultant is straightforward and simple:
• Buy your inventory up front
• Earn immediate cash with a 45% commission
• No catalogs or customer orders to mess with
• Sell where and when you want
• Get additional compensation when others become Consultants
• Have parties to fund a vacation, or for serious income
• No long-term commitment
• Have fun showing and selling products women love
It works because it’s fun and affordable for both you and your potential customers. Paparazzi has a look for everyone, and at $5 a piece, who can resist? 
Visit my online store and browse through the inventory -- but be careful, it changes DAILY so if you see something you like, GRAB IT before it's gone!
Also, contact me today to learn more about the limitless earning potential with Paparazzi...I am always ready to answer questions and welcome people to my team!
Accessorize. Invite. Become.